Chris Walker Seismic Data Processing Consultant

Career History

As of 2013 - Chris has thirty five years experience in seismic data processing with Geophysical Service International (GSI) and, since 1987, as a self-employed consultant. During five years as a Party Chief at GSI, he was responsible for more than 15 3D surveys and over 20 2D surveys. As a consultant, he has supervised the processing of more than 50 2D marine, 70 3D marine (including two GeoStreamer surveys), 2 4D marine, 20 2D onshore surveys and 4 3D onshore surveys for a number of oil companies.

He is the author of a total of 5 papers read at SEG, EAEG and the PETEX'89 meetings and was sole inventor on a patent relating to 3D seismic surveys. On five occasions he has presented very successful 2 and 3 day training courses on the management of seismic data processing projects.